Five @ Free Flow Fridays!


It’s Friday. Around here on the blog you know that I love me some Fridays. Whether I am in El Dorado or India, Auburn or Fordyce – I heart Fridays!!!

I also love church kids.images

I love Christian church kids.

And I REALLY (because I have 3 of ’em) love me some Preacher’s Kids!

Below are five posts that I pray will help those of us with ‘church kids’ be the best ‘church parents’ we can be!

#1. How to Raise a Little Pharisee by Daniel Darling

I’m telling this story because it was this context (and our current context as a family in a new neighborhood) that constantly provoked Angela and me to wrestle with raising our children with values (on the one hand) and teaching them to love people and make a difference in the world (on the other hand).

I think there is a real danger, especially among conservative evangelicals, to fall off the horse on one side or the other. Most of us are aware of the danger of too much immersion in the culture that can negatively influence our kids away from God. That’s a substantial fear (real and imagined) that has motivated much of what we do in the church. It’s a concern worth having. As parents, we’re the curators of what influences the young minds God has entrusted us.


#2. 7 Things We Learned from Pastors’ Kids by Thom Rainer

A key cry from the PKs was: ‘Let me be a regular kid.’ A number of the PKs expressed pain from the high expectations placed upon them by both their parents and church members. Others said that some church members expected them to behave badly because that’s just what PKs do.”


#3. How to Determine Whether to Insulate or Isolate Your Children by Mark Merrill

Raising kids is complicated.  There are so many moments when we wonder if we’re doing things right. Should I let my teenager go to that friend’s house, even though I know his parents may not be home?  Or would it be better to just keep my son at home tonight? Should I insulate or completely isolate my child from perceived or potential temptation, bad influences, or pain?


#4. How to Keep Your Kids from Destroying Themselves with an iPhone by Brian Howard

Two weeks ago, on Christmas day, my wife Chandra and I gave our (almost) 14-year-old son an iPhone for Christmas.  After a year’s worth of thought and consideration we decided that now was the time to do this. Handheld technology brings with it a wealth of great benefits but also opens the door to risks, temptations, and dangers.  Because of this we decided to have an intentional conversation with our son and to put in place an agreement guiding his use of the phone. We consulted several resources for how to do this including Common Sense Media and an article by Janell Burley Hoffman. What follows is a conversation that we had with him and the contract that he agreed to.   I am hopeful that this may benefit you as you think through how you and your family will use technology.”


#5. How to Teach Integrity to Your Kids by Mark Merrill

C.S. Lewis once said, ‘Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.’  Oftentimes we talk about this idea of integrity without grasping what it truly means.  What if I told you it was not a single action, but a mind-set you needed to develop?  Integrity is born in the mind and heart of a person. It comes from who you really are as a man or woman, and what you really believe about right and wrong, good and evil. And integrity is exhibited not in just one act of goodness, but in your whole character.”




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