Wisdom for Your Wednesday

Read Proverbs 5:15-19


Is it hot in here, or what???images

Do you see what the author of this Proverb is telling married people to do?


Husbands: Rejoice in YOUR WIFE. Be filled with delight in HER. Literally be intoxicated by HER love.

That’s the wisdom of this Proverb. Read the entire thing. In the context, the author is pleading with his son not to commit adultery.

How is he to avoid it?

Not by setting up an accountability group.

Not by going to prayer meeting every Wednesday.

Not by taking notes during church every Sunday.

Not by going to Sunday School.

Not by turning off the TV or internet.

Not even by taking a cold shower.

These things aren’t bad. In fact, I suggest you do each of ’em. But that’s not what wisdom says do to avoid adultery.

Here’s what the Proverb says: ENJOY YOUR OWN SPOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to avoid adultery? Read Proverbs 5:15-19 and then go and DO WHAT THE BIBLE COMMANDS.

Husbands, what do you need to do (or stop doing) – right now – to serve your wife so a tone is set for the two of you to be able to enjoy one another?

Wives, what do you need to do (or stop doing) to make this a priority with your man?

Say what you want – wisdom says it’s okay (and imperative!) to enjoy each other.

Don’t you love the Bible???? 🙂

Man, it’s hot up in here!


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