National Marriage Week: Tuesday

It’s Tuesday of National Marriage Week! Guys, you have 3 days until Valentines Day. . . You’ve been warned. images

Today I want to point you to a site and an article that I believe will enhance your marriage – BIG TIME.

Gary Thomas is a remarkable author & puts out some extremely helpful stuff on marriage.

Recently he wrote a post called Conversation Starters for Married Couples. The questions are very, very good and thought provoking.

Here’s the first one he lists:

Let’s imagine our kids are grown and going through premarital counseling. The counselor asks them to describe their parents’ marriage. What do we want them to say? What can we begin doing now to create a marriage that is just like that?

Yeah, I know. THAT’s a Good Question AND a Good Conversation Starter!

Having trouble talking with your spouse? Not anymore!

Want to talk through some stuff to get your marriage pointing in the right direction? You’ve found the place to get you started.

Plan of Action:

1. Order flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or SOMETHING for Valentines Day.

2. Plan a Date.

3. Take the contents of this post with you.

4. Conversate.

Yes, I just made up that word.


2 thoughts on “National Marriage Week: Tuesday

  1. Connie says:

    Has your dad read this post??? Hope so. And, never fear, conversating ALWAYS happens at my house.

  2. Mom – Don’t know if dad is read this or not. 🙂 But I did have to check and make sure you didn’t write the post in the first place!

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