10 Ideas for an “Intentional-And-No-Church” Family Night Tonight

imagesSo the decision was made to cancel church services tonight.

I know. You’re either crying – jumping up and down – confused – cold – or – saying, ‘makes sense to me.’

Could we have church & are the roads gonna be okay? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Not fully convinced either way.

Is everyone’s normal schedule ‘thrown off’ due to school and work being adjusted? Yes.

Could families actually have NOTHING to do tonight and NOWHERE to be tonight and actually have a night – at home – TOGETHER?


With all these – and several other – factors considered, the decision was made – Cancel services.

This, then, begs a HUGE question: “What in the world does a Southern Baptist family do on a Wednesday night when there is no church?” Gasp.

Let me offer 10 suggestions:

#1. Eat Supper . . . Together. . . Without ANY Media. . . and . . . talk.

#2. Watch the Olympics . . . Together. . . Keep a Tab of All Countries You See Represented . . . then PRAY together for the Gospel to go forward in those countries. 

#3. Keep the TV and Computers and Phones off for an hour (at least!) and . . . play a board game. . . Together. 

#4. Fathers and Sons – watch the Duke/North Carolina basketball game tonight . . . Together. 

#5. Do S’mores around the fireplace . . . together. . . and laugh at each other trying to eat them.

#6. Read . . . Together . . . John 11:1-44 and ask: “What do we learn about Jesus from this passage?”

#7. Dads – before bed, lead a short prayer . . . out loud – and ask God to show each member of your family – by name – His glory and beauty and majesty and power.

#8. Read . . . Together . . . Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and ask: “How can we do this as a family?” Get ideas. . . make a plan.

#9. Have each family member say a prayer for a different staff member of First Baptist Church of El Dorado. 

#10. Do a Google and/or Wikipedia search on “Urdu Speaking Muslims” in Bangalore, India . . . Together . . . and pray for God to use FBC El Dorado to penetrate the darkness with the Gospel. 

Whatever you do – don’t waste a night at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

What are some other ways families can be intentional tonight? Comment below. Let’s help each other!


3 thoughts on “10 Ideas for an “Intentional-And-No-Church” Family Night Tonight

  1. Elizabeth Pratt says:

    Discuss how to be more vulnerable and open as a family using the information gained from the sermon this past Sunday as a starting point.

    Review ways God has answered prayers this week/this month and have each family member reveal their current prayer need(s).

    Have each adult pray for a co-worker and each child pray for someone from their school.

    • GREAT ideas Elizabeth!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    • Jennifer Wylie says:

      Remember those in our church family who are alone. Take time to mention those you know in prayer and give them a call to just say hi, see if they need anything,… Just knowing someone thinks of you is enough to lift the spirit that can easily be downcast when there is no one to share life with at the moment — especially on a cold night. 🙂

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