National Marriage Week: Wednesday


Today’s link in honor of National Marriage Week is a sobering one.

Written by Joe Carter over at The Gospel Coalition site, the article is 9 Things You Should Know about Marriage in America.

Why is this information important?

Think about it – church going father of young kids: Have you seen the headlines lately? If God’s people (Christians) aren’t intentional about helping their own children understand what biblical marriage, biblical manhood, biblical womanhood, and biblical sexuality looks like – how will they EVER know?

Can you imagine these ‘9 Things’ if we – as those who know the truth – aren’t intentional with our own children and family?

Please, please, please, please don’t just celebrate National Marriage Week by being glad you are married. Celebrate it with your entire family by communicating what and how God says about it so that generations to come might know what is best and good for them.

We can get angry at our country all we want. But if WE aren’t doing anything about it under our own roofs (except griping at the TV set), NOTHING will ever – ever change.

May God Help Us.


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