Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Happy Friday Everybody!!!

For those of you who care – Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!Unknown

For those of you who don’t & wish it weren’t – Happy Friday!!!!

Regardless of what this holiday means for you – IT. IS. FRIDAY.

And you know here on the blog I heart me some Fridays.

Today’s 5 @ FFF! articles have nothing in common . . . except they all include lists. As a matter of fact, I’ve counted ’em all up. There are 48 ‘points’ to read through this weekend!


#1. 20 Signs You Were a Church Kid in the 90s by Rob Fee

15. You had a WWJD bracelet in almost every color.”

This guy nails it. All of ’em. I had matching – yes matching – WWJD bracelets for my wardrobe. Boom. I’m sitting here wondering if Rob Fee was in my youth group?


#2. 10 Hot Tips for the Christian Life by J.A. Medders

10. Stop Looking for Hot Tips

Great reminder of how important it is to stay basic and do the basics well. 


#3. 8 Diagnostic Questions I Ask of Those Who are Doubting Their Faith by C. Michael Patton

1. What are you doubting? There are three primary things people doubt: 1) Their salvation, 2) God’s love for them, 3) fundamental issues of the faith. Included with the doubt of salvation is a sub-catergory: belief that they have committed the unforgivable sin. Which one do you find yourself doubting?


#4. 5 Lies about Your Body by Jen Wilkin

The time for New Year’s resolutions has come and gone, but many of us still have plans to fix this or that. And if you’re a woman, there’s a good chance making changes to your body is at the top of your to-do list.

How we view our bodies will determine whether our plans to change them are God-honoring or self-elevating. Do we see our bodies the way our Maker does?

With that in mind, here are five lies our culture tells us about how we should perceive our bodies—and five truths from Scripture to help shift our perspective.”


#5. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Son to Use Pornography by Rick Thomas

1. Non-Romantic Marriage

The Christian home should be a sexual home. God declared sex good, and his first couple wasn’t ashamed of their unique sexualities. Only when sin entered their world did people became giggly about sex.

The non-romantic marriage communicates certain people aren’t porn-worthy. Before your mouth completely hits the floor, let me explain.

A major characteristic of the porn-trained mind is how some people are worthy to be lusted after and others aren’t. There’s no question about what kind of woman is porn-worthy. There is not a woman in America who doesn’t know, which is why many of them obsess over how they look, how much they weigh, and what they wear.

A husband who won’t romantically pursue his wife is sending a message to his kids that she’s not worthy of being pursued. She doesn’t fit the criteria. In addition, when children’s minds are filled with sensual TV commercials and movies, they begin to sense the kind of beauty worthy of their gaze. Our children need to be taught about real beauty as seen in the relationship between their dads and moms.

The husband highlights real beauty by pursuing his wife in the home. Children need to see some marital romantic affection, such as hugging and kissing. Holding hands, dancing in the living room, hugging for long periods of time, and smooching in front of the kids are beautiful examples of who and what is worthy of a man’s love.”



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