Throw It Out There Thursday!

Today I want to “Throw Somethin’ Out There” that I am VERY excited about. . .

It’s a 6 week class that begins 2 weeks from this Sunday.

Yep – Sunday, March 9th – during the Sunday School hour (9 – 10 AM) – through Sunday, April 13th, Craig Bonsall will be facilitating sections of “Financial Peace” by Dave Ramseyimages

Many of you have requested wisdom on issues related to money – ranging from wealth to spending to saving to tithing to hoarding to giving it away.

I really believe this 6-week class will answer most, if not all, of your questions and put you on a biblically wise track with your financial resources.

The topics scheduled to be covered are:

March 9th: “Super Saving”

March 16th: “Relating with Money”

March 23rd: “Cash Flow Planning”

March 30th: “Dumping Debt”

April 6th: “Buyer Beware”

April 13th: “The Great Misunderstanding”

The class time will include watching Dave Ramsey teach via DVD, followed by a dialogue led by Craig.

All ages are welcome. The course will meet in the Craft Room at the Child Learning Center building. Again, it will only meet for 6 weeks – so you aren’t “committing your life away” for good, or away from your current SS class. Only 6 weeks.

For questions, you can email Craig directly at; or me at

Can’t make the class or can’t wait until it starts? Here are some books by Dave Ramsey you can start reading immediately:

The Total Money Makeover

Financial Peace Revisited

The Money Answer Book

Others can be found here.



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