Now THAT’s a Good Question!


Do you have a Personal Life Purpose Statement?

I have been asked this from others & asked it ‘from me to me’ a bunch. It’s a good question.

To answer it properly I want to take three weeks to not only answer THIS question, but help you answer it for yourself.

Today, I want to ask THIS question:  Should I have a Personal Life Purpose Statement? (Is it right?)

Next Monday, on March 10th: Why is it important to have a Personal Life Purpose Statement? 

And the following Monday, on March 17th:  How do I write my own Personal Life Purpose Statement? 

First things first: Should I have a Personal Life Purpose Statement (PLPS)?


Jesus lived with an undistracted, crystal-clear purpose.

Just a general reading of the Gospels makes this abundantly clear. Jesus knew why He came, aggressively stuck to the ‘script’ if you will, and NEVER got off course. He knew why He came and was adamant in completing it.

Consider what He said to His parents when He was just 12.

Or what He said to His mom when wine ran out at a party.

In addition, Luke let us know Jesus was determined to see His purpose accomplished no matter what.

He even made it publicly known in a prayer He prayed to the Father in John 12: “Now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But for this purpose I have come to this hour.”

Jesus knew why He existed. Jesus knew the purpose for which He came to earth as a man. Knowing this clear purpose allowed Him to stay focused on His task while giving us eternal salvation!

Now, are we Jesus? No. Of course not.

Is our purpose to die on a cross and be resurrected for the salvation of the nations of the world? Nope.

But can we learn from this relentless clarity of purpose in order to see the Great Commission fulfilled in ways God uniquely created us? Yes, I believe we can and should.

Jesus didn’t do everything people asked Him to do.

Jesus didn’t go everywhere people asked Him to go.

Jesus didn’t oblige everybody.

He made a lot of people very happy.

He made a lot of people very mad.

His ultimate purpose – however – wasn’t to see how many people He could please. It was to fulfill the reason for which the Father sent Him to earth.

By having this same mindset we will, I believe, bring the most value to others and make the most efficient contribution in the world.

Should you have a Personal Life Purpose Statement? I think so. We’ll go further into why this is so important next time. But for now, know that it is good and necessary and right and ‘Jesus-like’ for you to have one.

Though I am still tweaking mine, at this point – to answer the question – here is mine:

Matt Pearson exists to help others develop an interest in and crave the Bible – to know, obey, and worship God.

As you can see here – this brings clarity, allows me to stay focused & do what I do best, while leaving to others what they can do much better than me.

Is it right to have one of these? You bet it is!

Any readers out there developed one for yourself yet? What is it? Share it with us!


2 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

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