Throw It Out There Thursday!


This Thursday includes TWO items being “Thrown Out There!”

First, NEXT Sunday morning – March 16th – is gonna be AWESOME! (Well, so is THIS Sunday – March 9th – but next Sunday will be awesome in a different kind of way.)

Why? We are going to be privileged to have 6 different Missionaries/couples/families share during the Sunday School and morning worship hour!!!

That’s right. By God’s good grace and providence – it “just so happens” that several of FBC’s very own will be in town at the same time! What to do? Put ’em to work! Let ’em tell us all God is doing!

Mark the date on your calendar. Circle it. Find out THIS Sunday (in the bulletin) what Missionaries will be speaking & where during Sunday School; get to the sanctuary early to ensure guests (THEN you) get a good spot for the service; and come expectant to hear from the Lord through those who have surrendered their lives for His glory literally all over the world!

I can’t wait!

Second, as you all know the Lord has sovereignly directed FBC to do everything we can to “chase the darkness” in South Asia – specifically with Urdu speaking Muslims. One of, if not THE primary way this is going to happen is by asking the One who can overcome the darkness to do it. So today I want to “Throw Out There” 7 different ways to pray for these people. One for each day of the week. I am going to “Throw ‘Em Out There” and challenge you to put them in your daily prayer “whatever you call it.” Please commit – NOW – to pray through one of these every day of the week for as long as possible.

The following requests come straight from the field:


(1) Muslims believe God speaks to them in dreams and visions. Pray that God will allow many dreams about Jesus to occur throughout our people group. Ask that He will allow their paths to cross with a believer, that it will open the door wide to share His Truth, that their hearts will be white unto harvest as a result, and that they will choose to become a follower of the Son.

(2) Muslims pray 5 times a day everyday. The times are: before the sun rises (around 5:30 am), noon, afternoon (around 4:30 pm), sunset (about 7 pm) & evening (around 9 pm). They recite the same prayer 5 times a day every day. Pray that our people will instead “Confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord, and believe in their hearts that Christ rose from the dead” and that they will “Call on the name of the Lord and be saved.” (Rom 10:9, 13)
(3) Fridays are the biggest prayer day for Muslims. It is a big “worship” day for them but a very dark day spiritually. Please pray that they come to know that Jesus is “the Light of the world;” that they will follow Him and “not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” (John 8:12)
(4) Pray for Muslim heads of households come to believe so entire families can come to faith. Pray Acts 16:31 for them to “Believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved, [them] and [their] households.”
(5) Pray for the Muslim women. They typically wear all black and their faces are covered with a veil. They have little to no freedom or rights in their religion among family and community. This makes it difficult for women to make the choice to follow the Son. Please pray that Father will “remove the veil from these women’s eyes so that they can see the light of the g-spel. Shine Your light in their hearts to give them the light of the knowledge of Your glory in the face of Chr-st.” (2 Cor 4.4-6)
(6) Pray that our people will begin having doubts in what they’ve always believed and have been taught. As a result, that they will be drawn to the Truth. Upon hearing the Truth, ask the Father that they “will know the Truth and the Truth will make [them] free”. (John 8:32) Also, that they will believe that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” and that “no one comes to the Father except through [Him].” (John 14:6)
(7) Pray for open hearts among the Urdu speaking Muslims and for salvations to sweep across them like wildfire. Pray that your “heart’s desire and [your] prayer to God for them is for their salvation.” (Rom 10:1)
There you go. Let’s ask the Lord of the Harvest to do it & then watch expectantly as He brings them to Himself!

3 thoughts on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. Sudie Garner says:

    Great helps to do specific praying. THANKS !

  2. Libby says:

    Just what we need to get started! It always helps me to have something specific and tangible. THANKS!

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