Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Not sure about you – but this week has been an INCREDIBLE week!

Lots of meetings. Lots of good things happening. Lots of ‘intentional’ conversations going on that you are sharing with me. Lots of exciting things happening in the days ahead.

It truly has been a great week.

But – oh my – it has also been a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNG week.



That being the case, if you will give me the privilege, I want to link to 5 “Fun” articles today. We can call it “Five Fun @ Free Flow Friday!”  I always aim to link you to stuff that will add value to your lives and provoke your thinking. Well, I think it adds value to our quality of life if we – sometimes – take a deep breath, laugh, and even smile.

So – to all others who’ve had a long week and just need a little ‘fun’ . . .


#1. Five Worship Gestures Which Are Also Helpful in Other Situations by Adam Ford

Hilarious. . . and so, so true.

Which is your favorite? Which one are you ‘guilty’ of?

#2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots from The Huffington Post

Ansel’s lightbulb moment was something so obvious it was basically hidden in plain sight from the rest of us so accustomed to dunking cookies into milk. ‘If everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined,’ Ansel told Eater.”

I’d try one. I think I would even like it better with chocolate milk inside. You?

#3. Catholic Church in Auburn Takes Subtle Jab at Saban-Backed 10-Second Rule On Marquee from The War Eagle Reader

Saint Michael The Archangel Catholic Church, located on N. College Street in Auburn, puts a new humorous quip or quote up on its marquee pretty much every day. God tells you He’s serious about that love they neighbor thing, Methuselah asks you to be kind to old people, etc.

The offering on Wednesday (which is hard to photograph because the sign was doing that wacky digital wave thing you see when you cameras are on TV screens)?

Support the ban on slingshots.’ — Goliath”

I always had a hunch Catholics were good, quality people.  🙂

#4. “‘Wake Up and Smell the Bacon’ App and Phone Device” from Oscar Meyer

If any of you out there actually gets one of these, let me know – please. This might help me get out of bed in the morning.

Think they could make one with Barbecue Sauce scent?

#5. WestJet Passengers Have Their Christmas Wishes Granted 

Whoah. Now THAT’s what I call “extra mile service!”


One thought on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. jbhuffm2008 says:

    Article #1: Why was the good ole Southern Baptist “arms-crossed” not on there? Oh yeah, that’s not worship. Zing!

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