Wisdom for Your Wednesday

“Cease to hear instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.”

Proverbs 19:27

If you’re like me – the first time you read this Proverb you think, “Well, DUH!” Anyone who stops hearing instruction will stop hearing knowledge. Of course. Everybody knows that. 


But a closer look reveals that’s NOT what is being said here.

This father is pleading with his son to be a life long learner so he won’t lose (stray from) knowledge!

This dad knows that if his boy stops exercising his brain, he will lose much of the knowledge he’s got.

Oh how important and true this is!

Ever been around someone who is forgetful? Know why? Probably because they have quit using their brain. Instead of using their brain, they’ve turned it off. As they say, “Use it, or lose it!”

So often we stray from what we know (forget) because we think we have arrived (evidence of ceasing to hear instruction). We don’t think we need to keep using our brains therefore we lose a lot of what’s in it.

Being a life long learner isn’t just to keep adding to your knowledge and skill set (as important as this is). It’s also to keep your brain operating at top notch level.

Now consider this: How do we know God? By hearing more and more and more instruction about Him. What happens when we cease to hear instruction about God? We will stray from knowledge we’ve already got. What a strong warning to always strive for more instruction!

The wise take away? When it comes to using your brain to know God – “Use it, or lose it!”

What’s your plan to prevent yourself from ever “straying from the words of knowledge”? Seriously. What is it?


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