Free Flow Friday!

Spring is here.

It’s March Madness.Unknown-2

Auburn has a new basketball coach.

My kids start Spring Break today at 3 PM.

And it’s Friday.


How about some articles for your reading pleasure that will – I think – add some value to your life?


#1. “What You Really Need in Marriage” by Mark Altrogge 

You need…

To love your spouse. Husbands, God commands you to love your wife, as Christ loved the church and laid down his life for her. Believers are all called to love one another and look to the interests of others. We’re not called to make sure others are serving us and looking to our interests.”

#2. “Guard and Guide Your Children On-line” by Candice Watters

The first line of defense against the dangers online is a strong relationship with your child. If you’re in the habit of talking about everything, adding this topic to the conversation will be natural. And it must be added.”

#3. “Trophy Wife (a Message for Husbands)” by Dave Willis

Your spouse and your kids should always know that there is no “trophy” on earth that you value more than you value them. Let their pictures be what fills your trophy case. Let your love for them and your faith in God be what drives your ambition. You’ll never go astray when you’re priorities are in the right place.”

#4. “The 5 Pillars of Islam” from The Blog

“At its core, Islam is a religion that demands devotion to one God, Allah. The Arabic word for God is ‘Allah.’ The word Allah was used in reference to God in Arab culture since before the birth of Muhammad in 570 AD. The Shahada begins with God. It assumes that there is one God who created all things and sustains all things. Muslims around the world strive to live a life of submission and surrender to this one God, Allah.”

#5. “What Works for Us (and Might Work of Your) in Family Worship” by Brian Howard

Are you a parent?

Then you need to know that your kids are going to learn primarily what you teach them.

You might sometimes wish that you could delegate the spiritual training of your kids, but you are the one who is responsible to teach, train, and disciple your kids. This is not something to be outsourced to Sunday School teachers or Youth Pastors as past generations have sometimes done.

Over my fifteen years of parenting, my wife and I have continuously attempted to teach our kids what is true and call them to live in light of the truth of who God is and what he has done. We have read the Psalms and Proverbs as a family several times. When we do this, we have each of our kids (who is old enough to read) read a verse until we are finished with a chapter. After reading a chapter we have a discussion about what we learn in the chapter about who God is, what He is done, how He relates to us etc. Then we finish by praying together.

We have read worked through The Jesus Storybook Bible several times. (Which I highly recommend) We have also had seasons where we felt like complete failures at family worship. But we have never given up. We now how two teenagers. In light of what we have learned over the years, here are Four words of advice to help you press forward in family worship. . .


One thought on “Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “What if your son or daughter wanted to buy a venomous snake for a pet? What if they had birthday money to pay for it? What if they wanted to let it sleep with them at night? At what point would you say no? If your son or daughter has a straight-up, unaltered wi-fi enabled iPad, iPhone, or similar device, they have the equivalent of a snake. The factory settings won’t protect them from online danger….”

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