Membership DO’s – DO #1: GROW – “What’s the Take Away?”

Membership Do's

Jesus’ brother warned against the danger of merely listening to the Word without doing what it says. This morning, at the close of the message, I suggested that all of us church members should develop the habit of asking the question, “What’s the Take Away?” every time we encounter the Word. This will help us apply what we read and/or hear to our lives – immediately.

Every time we encounter the Word, we should go to it with the mentality of wanting to do something with it. Asking “What’s the Take Away for Me?” forces this pattern.

Here are some questions to get you started thinking about how to do this with the Word:

  • Is there a sin I need to confess to the Lord?
  • Is there a sin I need to confess to another person?
  • What specific action should I take right now?
  • Is there an attitude that needs adjusting?
  • Is there a praise that needs to be expressed?
  • Is there a thought pattern that needs to be rearranged?
  • Is there an area in my heart that needs to be transformed?
  • Is there a word here for how I can bless or impact or encourage someone?
  • How would doing this, or not doing this, reflect a love for Jesus?
  • Is there a person I need to share this with today?
  • How does this help me better understand the greatness of God?

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