Timothy Tuesdays!

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people. . .”

1 Timothy 2:1


If you are a member of a church – think about this, please.

We will get to the “WHY?” behind this “urge” from Paul next time. Let’s not worry about the “WHY?” yet. Let’s just think about what he tells Timothy to get his church doing – FIRST.

It’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

After taking the first 20 verses (chapter 1) pleading with Timothy to remain faithful to right and true and biblical and Gospel-saturated doctrine – he then shifts to instructions on what Timothy should lead his church to do – FIRST.

“First of all” Paul said to this pastor-friend – “I urge you to pray for all people.” In other words, “Timothy, first and foremost, get your people to be a praying people. Get your people to be a people who talk to God. Get your people to habitually and consistently and constantly intercede with God on behalf of others.”

To put it yet another way – “Timothy – make sure your people understand that what we are trying to accomplish cannot be accomplished. . . unless God does it.”

This grips me.

It grips me personally and it grips me pastorally.

There are a lot of things I/we give ourselves to in church, aren’t there?

I wonder if we have forgotten THE FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT thing we must give ourselves to as a body of believers – PRAYER?

Would you do something with & for me?

Would you pray to our great God, asking Him to please show me and FBC El Dorado how we, as individuals and body of believers, can give ourselves to this “first and foremost” privilege? Ask Him to show us what this looks like for us.

If the Apostle Paul thought it that important – to mention & plead for it FIRST – then I/we might need to step back and reevaluate all we are doing and line it up under the priority of prayer.

God, help us.


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