Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Oh. My. Goodness.images

Has this been the longest week ever, or is it just me????

But – Hallelujah – IT’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

And you know what that means here on the ‘ole blog: Five articles that I have chosen from the universe that is the internet that I hope will add value to your life.

Due to Monday’s post being a topic of much discussion, I link you to 2 articles on music in church. Opinion anyone???

There’s also one about preparing for Sunday, understanding your God-given sexuality, and a letter from a dad to his unborn son. So there.

Enjoy. . . & Happy Friday everyone.

#1. What Worship Style Attracts the Millennials by Thom Rainer

Millennial Christians, and a good number of seekers among their generation, are gravitating to churches where the teaching and preaching is given a high priority. They are attracted to churches whose focus is not only on the members, but on the community and the world. Inwardly focused congregations will not see many Millennials in their churches.”


#2. 7 Biblical Tests for Christians and Music by Ed Stetzer

When you or your church is choosing music, it is important that you think through these issues. You may have the freedom to choose, but use discernment to choose wisely. Any musical style can pass the test in the right context, but it takes wisdom and a biblical perspective to determine whether that is the case. Hopefully, these seven tests can help you in that process.”


#3. How Do You Prepare for Sunday? by Jordan Kauflin

How do you prepare to gather with your church family? Is your preparation limited to the frenetic collecting of your children, snacks, and diapers? Do you spend your time trying to convince yourself that going is better than sleeping in? Or maybe you don’t even think to prepare, because it’s just another routine that you’ve developed?

How we prepare for our Sunday gatherings is directly related to how much we benefit from our time together.”


#4. The Birds and the Bees: The Gospel and Your Children’s Sexuality by David Prince

I fear that we have accepted the culture’s terms in our all-too-infrequent discussion of sexuality and that the church is as guilty as the sexual liberationists in abstracting the gospel of Jesus Christ from our dialogue about gender and sexuality. When marriage and sexuality are thought of in terms of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice then a context is created where adultery, divorce and pornography makes sense. I fear that even our appeals for premarital sexual abstinence in the church have often been on the basis of personal self-interest and that we have unwittingly cultivated a worldview where abstinence and marital fidelity does not make sense.”


#5. Dear son: Your dad is messed up by Daniel Gardner

Your dad keeps messing up. It’s frustrating, I know. Just ask your mom. Your dad messes up more often than you do in your cute little diaper. Before God’s eyes, your dad is completely blanketed by the perfect holiness of Jesus Christ. And the Holy Spirit is molding and shaping me. But you’ll see this over and over again: when you compare your daddy to Jesus, there’s a huge gap. Dad doesn’t mirror his Saviour perfectly. However, your parents find relief, forgiveness and comfort in Someone Who is perfect. Someone Who not only began a good work in us, but will complete it.”


2 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “But they will walk away from congregations that are still fighting about style of music, hymnals or screen projections, or choirs or praise teams. Those are not essential issues to Millennials, and they don’t desire to waste their time hearing Christians fight about such matters.”

  2. Thank you for sharing the letter I wrote to my son. 🙂

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