Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Unlike last week, this one – for me – has FLOWN by. Honestly, it’s hard to believe it is Friday.

But do you know what?

IT IS!!!!!!!!images

Happy Friday Everyone.

Today’s 5 @ FFF are helpful, I think, for everyone – in particular – for parents.

I know what you’re thinking – “Another set of articles on parenting??? But Pastor Matt, it’s so easy being a parent in 2014!” I know. But still, some – from what I hear – need all the help they can get with parenting.

Oh, and by the way, the author of this blog is one of those people. 🙂


#1. Distracted From Shepherding a Child’s Heart by David Burnette

The call to talk to our children about the things of the Lord as we go about the everyday routines of life should be a delight and a privilege for us.  This doesn’t mean we have to feel guilty if every waking second isn’t accompanied by a Bible lesson or a memory verse, nor does it mean that there is never a time for using mobile devices simply for enjoyment. However, if our attention is constantly drawn to Facebook or Twitter or anything else in cyberspace, we won’t be engaging the hearts and minds of those closest to us. Instead of teaching our kids how to look at the world through the lens of God’s Word, we’ll be staring at a screen. We can’t possibly listen to their struggles if we can’t look them in the eye.

At some point, putting the phone down becomes a matter of spiritual warfare.”


#2. Don’t Text While Parenting – It Will Make You Cranky by Alice Park

The data provided an unvarnished look at how absorbed many parents were by their devices. One child reached over in an attempt to lift his mother’s face while she looked down at a tablet, but to no avail. Another mother kicked her child under the table in response to the child’s various attempts to get her attention while she looked at her phone. A father responded in curt and irritated tones to his children’s escalating efforts to tear him away from his device.”

Parents – can we hold each other accountable on this? PUT YOUR PHONE/TABLET/DEVICE DOWN!!!


#3. How Should We Talk about Sex? by Ed Stetzer

“‘How should we, the church– and church leaders in particular– speak about sex?’ I’d like to encourage us to do so in five ways.”

What are your thoughts after reading Stetzer’s five suggestions???


#4. 8 Paradigm Shapers for Making Discipline Decisions as a Parent by Ron Edmondson

Let’s face it…parenting is hard work. I’m hesitant to say anyone is an ‘expert’ in this subject. We all have room for improvement. I’m not assuming you will carry around this list in your pocket, whipping it out at the appropriate time of need, but I do believe having a framework of this sort in your schema will help you better address the issues of discipline you face as a parent. In the end, having this type of paradigm thought process, before the need for discipline arises, should help us be better parents.”


#5. 10 Ways to Positively Influence Your Grandchildren by Steve Pearson 

Sit around a table and talk to them during and after a meal.
Plenty of people pay good money for entertainment far less rewarding than this. You’ll hear some quotes you will never forget. And your shared laughter will be priceless.”

I can vouch for this one – THIS MAN HAS ALWAYS MODELED WHAT HE SAYS HERE – children (his own) AND his grandchildren. 



4 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    Two of Vladimir Lenin’s most famous quotes had to do with children, they are:

    “Give Me Four Years To Teach The Children And The Seed I Have Sown Will Never Be Uprooted.”


    “Give Us The Child For 8 Years And It Will Be A Bolshevik Forever.”

  2. Becky Isbell says:

    We very much agree with Grandpa Pearson’s thoughts and practices! When your Dear Ones are so many miles away…in opposite directions… you have to be creative! One of our most successful activities was about five years of Granny Camps in our 1976 Shasta! We do share texts and emails, but not as much fun!
    We continue to travel to visit all six grandkids and our daughter and son and wife in two other opposite directions! I still write letters and send pictures!!! Old fashioned stuff!
    Thankful for our large family, beginning with a couple who were not supposed to be able to have children!! Thanking God for many Blessings!
    Becky and Johnny

  3. elizabethp1968 says:

    Just remember you asked for thoughts after reading Stetzer’s five suggestions…as a labor & delivery nurse, let me say that yes we as Christians need to not only be talking about it but engaged in teaching our children the biblical standards for marriage and sex. There are so many teens (the age is getting younger and younger), who are told inaccurate information from their peers because they are to afraid to bring up the topic with their parents or other adults in their lives. Unfortunately, many parents are not better educated about this topic and continue to spread the inaccuracies that I have been witness to over the last 24 years of nursing practice in this area where babies are born to young women and men who truly don’t understand “how it happened”. Yes, we especially need to have these difficult and sensitive discussions with our children and not rely on the people at school and their buddies to tell them the “how” and “why” of these issues that can be life-altering if the wrong information is given out and believed. Off my soap box now….

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