Ways to Cultivate a Lifestyle of Sharing the Gospel NOW – Part 3

Today is Part 3 in a 5-Part, weeklong series on ways you can begin to cultivate a lifestyle of sharing the Gospel NOW. This series was prompted by this sermon. Part 1 of the series is here and Part 2 is here.


In my opinion, the primary and BEST way to cultivate a lifestyle of sharing the Gospel NOW is to. . .

Intentionally build a relationship with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. 

This hasn’t always been the case.

There once was a day – in the not so distant past – when going “door to door” was the way to go.

I am afraid that day is gone.

This isn’t to say that it can’t work nor that the Lord can’t save people through “door to door” evangelism. He can. But it is to say that in the culture and society we live in today – in the year 2014 – that the spiritual temperature and environment is one where non-believers, prior to their coming to faith, need to have a personal relationship with another Christian. In other words – though God can and still does use ‘door to door’ and ‘tract-handing-out’ evangelism – the “drive by” method, by and large, doesn’t cut it anymore.

Why? Not sure exactly. Perhaps many have been burned at church and don’t want anything to do with their perception of “church people.” Perhaps they need someone to be able to genuinely ask spiritual questions they have. Perhaps they need to SEE the Gospel before they/as they HEAR the Gospel. The list could go on and on.

Nevertheless, I believe Christians intentionally building a relationship with a non-believe is critical in cultivating a lifestyle of sharing the Gospel AND – as a result – will allow for more and more people genuinely being born again.


How do you do this? The possibilities are endless. . .

– Visit the same lunch place once a week, intentionally getting to know your waiter/waitress.

– Adjust where you get your haircut at a shop where the barber is an unbeliever. You will have 15-20 minutes with a “captive” audience once every 6 weeks or so!

– Go to the same place for coffee every morning – intentionally talking with the person who makes your coffee and/or takes your money. (Hint: You can do this with donuts or gravy biscuits too!)

– Invite your neighbor(s) over for a cookout every month or so.

– Intentionally ask questions to get to know parents on your child’s team.

– Intentionally ask questions to get to know someone in your office at work.

– Think of someone you know (whom you think may be lost or unchurched) who shares a similar hobby/interest (golf, hunting, fishing, shopping, gardening, eating, baseball, exercising, etc.) and ask if they want to do _______ with you sometime.

– Intentionally befriend someone at Healthworks.

On and on and on and on you could go with this one.

The key word? INTENTIONAL.

If you are on the lookout for this – and are committed to building the relationship over time – the relationship will come, conversations will develop, and spiritual discussions will emerge . . . IF you are INTENTIONAL.

Remember these 5 things as you go:

1. Pray for God to show you who/how/when. (Be careful – HE WILL!!!!)

2. Be INTENTIONAL. (You will begin to see opportunities everywhere!)

3. It will take time. . . and that’s okay. (Be patient. Let God work, lead, and direct the open door.) By the way – watch this 3 minute video – GREAT STUFF!

4. Trust that God wants to see that person know Him and be rescued from hell more than you do.

5. Don’t make it harder than it is (If you think about it, it’s really not hard to do at all).

What are some other ways you can think of to intentionally build a relationship with someone who is an unbeliever?


4 thoughts on “Ways to Cultivate a Lifestyle of Sharing the Gospel NOW – Part 3

  1. Ralph Paisley says:

    Pastor Matt,
    This works and I testify to it. My dad was 50 when he accepted Christ as Savior. Only because he watched a customer at his gas station for almost 3years. This man was a SB minister and they would often go fishing together. He did his car service with dad and was always a gentleman. Dad saw that he had something dad didn’t. Long story short, this preacher lived a consistent life following the Christian faith. Dad had heard it from lots of different people but he saw it in (what became) his pastor.

  2. Rodney Wimberly says:

    Pastor, afraid the haircut approach is not gonna work for me. (Yes, Christians can make jokes, it’s ok)

  3. […] Whether I am trying to get to know someone better in an intentional relationship (I wrote about that yesterday here), or sitting by someone on a plane, or talking with a cashier at the grocery store, etc., I have […]

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