Ways to Cultivate a Lifestyle of Sharing the Gospel NOW – Part 5



Are there other methods of evangelism we could talk about? Yep.

Have we just scratched the surface on evangelism training this week? You bet.

Is there more that could be said? LOTS.

But the BEST way – PERIOD – to do evangelism is to. . . JUST DO IT.

It’s the best way to be trained.

It’s the best way to learn.

It’s the best way to get better.

It’s the best way to become somebody who cultivates a lifestyle of sharing the Gospel NOW.

How do you become a chef? Just start cooking.images-3

How do you become a writer? Just start writing.

How do you become a reader? Just read.

How do you become a golfer? Just play golf.

You get the point.


As I heard a preacher say one time, “The only time you fail at evangelism is when you don’t!” So, so true.

Now – I am about to do something that is risky and will seem contradictory to everything I have just said. But I want to end this weeklong series by linking you to some resources to help you develop as a Lifestyle Gospel Sharer. This is risky and seemingly contradictory because some of you will want to wait to start evangelizing until you have read more books. DO NOT DO THAT!!!!! Start sharing NOW. If interested, order and read and use these resources to help you get better. If you wait until you feel ready – you will never share. The resources listed below are simply more tools you can put in your evangelism toolbox.

Order these really good resources – but start sharing NOW. . . JUST DO IT.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark DeverUnknown-1

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert

Marks of the Messenger: Knowing, Living, and Speaking the Gospel by Mack Stiles

Speaking of Jesus by Mack Stiles

Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

Nobodies for Jesus by Chuck Lawless

Unknown-2One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill

1Cross App for for your Phone or Mobile Device – “The 1Cross app is an evangelistic tool designed to share the message of the gospel in multiple languages through video/audio presentations.”

What are other resources you have found helpful? 


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