Easter Sunday 2014 is Over. . . Now What? 3 Thoughts

I have TONS and TONS and TONS of thoughts about the events surrounding Easter weekend 2014 here at FBC El Dorado. I want to share 3 in particular – ever so briefly, but ever so important, here:


1. FBC El Dorado has THE BEST VOLUNTEERS. . . EVER. Thank you!!!

From all indications – everything went better than expected both Saturday and Sunday. Tables and chairs were set up. Donut holes and blueberry muffins were cooked, purchased, and eaten. Babies and toddlers were taken care of. Plastic eggs were stuffed with candy. Plates were handed out for food. Inflatables were unloaded and reloaded. Tents were set up. Cars and trucks were parked. Everyone was greeted and handed and bulletin. The choir and orchestra sang and tooted wonderfully. Security was tight. Sunday School lessons were taught. Media was on cue and clear. Lights were on. Air was conditioned. I am amazed, again. THANK. YOU. You people – FBC El Dorado – are amazing. We exist to dare nobly, in the Spirit’s power, to make Christ’s commanding claims known here and everywhere. You demonstrated that this weekend.


2. We counted 760 in worship. Was it a win? We’ll see. 

The goal was 1,000. We were 240 short. Would I have liked to have seen 1,000? You betcha. But, if you remember, the MAIN WIN for us was NOT to get the 1,000. At the end of the day, it’s pretty easy and predictable to get a good crowd on Easter Sunday. The REAL WIN will be whether or not some of these unchurched guests come back THIS SUNDAY. Remember the purpose of the 86 dozen donut holes, blueberry muffins, coffee, and juice? To give us an opportunity to meet someone we didn’t know before the day started, remember their name, call the church office this week to get their contact info. (ask to speak to Gail or Holly), and follow up by inviting them back this Sunday!!!

The win will be if we follow up with someone new this week and see them back THIS Sunday, the one AFTER Easter. If you met someone new and remember their name, call the church office and see if they filled out a form with some contact information. Or perhaps you already know how to contact them. Go ahead and call, text, or email them now. Let them know you were glad they came yesterday, invite questions they may have about the church, then invite them to church again this Sunday morning.

3. Yesterday’s Newspaper and the Resurrection of Jesus. 

I didn’t get to flip through yesterday’s newspaper until this morning. I found a lot of discussion about the resurrection (for which I am extremely grateful – kudos to the El Dorado News-Times for including these things on Easter Sunday).


But I was quickly reminded of the purpose of the resurrection of Jesus when I saw this picture . .


It’s a picture of a group of South Korean Buddhists praying for their missing friends and family members who were passengers on the sunken ferry Sewol.

Yep. In the middle of the El Dorado News-Times – Easter Sunday 2014 edition, amidst pictures and articles and references and invitations to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus – was a “Reality Check” for this preacher & the congregation he is charged to lead. Do I/we really believe Jesus conquered sin and death on the cross? Do I/we really believe He is alive and rose from the dead? Do I/we really believe HE is the only way to be right with God? Do I/we really believe He has commissioned us to make disciples of all nations? Do I/we really believe He goes with us when we go in His name? Do I/we really want Him to get glory among all the peoples of the earth?

If so, then what am I & what are we doing to bring hope to those who are crying out to a god that doesn’t exist?

I guess what I am saying is – on this day after Easter Sunday 2014 – I am burdened and wondering if I/we make the connection between Buddhists praying in South Korea during the same time we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus? There is a direct connection.

God, please give us eyes to see.


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2014 is Over. . . Now What? 3 Thoughts

  1. Libby says:

    Yesterday was definitely a WIN! FBC might not have reached the goal of 1,000 in attendance, but it was a WIN!

    I honestly think that we need to expand to two services on Sunday morning. I imagine it will not be popular with some. The only other alternative I see is building a new sanctuary. No place to do that as far as I know.

    Just what one member thinks…

  2. […] The WIN for Easter Sunday was never to see how many people we could get to our property. The WIN is … […]

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