Throw It Out There Thursday!


Have you done it yet?

Oh, don’t act like you don’t know.

If you aren’t a member of FBC El Dorado, you get a pass. But if you ARE a member, hopefully you know exactly what I am asking. So, have you done it?

Have you contacted the person(s) you met over Easter weekend?

Have you called Gail or Holly and gotten their contact information? Did you follow up?

If you already had it, have you made contact and invited them back this Sunday?

It’s simple. . . call, run by their house (with a tray of brownies perhaps), text, email, Facebook, Tweet, etc. Here’s a run down of how a conversation might go:

You: “Hey, I just wanted to let you know how glad I was to have you as our guest Sunday. It was great meeting/seeing you and your family.”

Them: “Thanks for calling. We had a great time and enjoyed the donut holes and coffee. The sermon needed some work. But the food was AWESOME.”

You: “Pastor Matt is starting a new sermon series this week on the Family. Why don’t you come back this Sunday and see what God says about how to “do” family life?”

images-1Them: “Well, Pastor Matt is a bit weird; and your music guy looks like a cross between the Dos Equis dude and Jimmy Buffet, but . . . okay.”Unknown

You: “Great! You want me to meet you somewhere before the service?”

That’s it! It’s really THAT simple!

So, have you done it yet?

The WIN for Easter Sunday was never to see how many people we could get to our property. The WIN is seeing those needing/looking for a church home to come back the following week. 

I’m gonna “Throw It Out There” again: Have you done it yet???

And, as for the new service starting this Sunday – let me “Throw This Out There” . . .

The series is called “Help! My Family is Messed Up!”

Here’s the plan:

April 27th – “Why Families Get Messed Up”Help Series Logo

May 4th – “Why Families Need Seniors”

May 11th – “God’s Intention for Moms”

May 18th – “Senior Sunday” (Brady Canright)

May 25th – “How Will My Family Remember Me?”

June 1st – “Male and Female: The Only Way?” 

June 8th – “Can Marriage Actually Work?”

June 15th – “God’s Intention for Dads”

June 22nd – “I’m Just a Kid – What Do I Do?”

June 29th – “What Your Kids Need Most”


Let me “Throw It Out There” again: Have you done it yet? Are YOU coming? Who are you bringing with you?



One thought on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. […] I mentioned yesterday, I am beginning a new series on the family this Sunday. To give you a runnin’ head start, […]

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