Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Boom – Shaka – Laka.

It’s Friday. Unknown-1

It’s May.

It’s Mayhaw Festival weekend in El Dorado.

Can it get any better?

Only with some articles to enhance your life.

So, here’s to an AWESOME Friday and GREAT weekend.

Enjoy. . .

#1. Sex, Millennials, and the Church:Five Implications by Thom Rainer

There are nearly 79 million Millennials. Most of them are not Christians. Indeed, we estimate in our research that only about 15 percent of those in this generation are believers in Christ. So that means that this generation is a mission field of over 67 million men and women who do not know Christ.

We can bemoan the state of culture. We can withdraw from culture. Or we can choose to love these sinners as Christ loved us sinners. We should not and must not compromise our biblical convictions. But we should not and must not neglect to demonstrate the love of Christ to those who need Him as much as you and I do.”

#2. 5 Telling Questions You Should Ask If Your Church Isn’t Growing by Carey Nieuwhof

When was the last time I personally invited someone to church?

This is a tough one.

The reality is many Christians, for a variety of reasons, don’t actually spend time with that many non-Christians.

Sometimes it’s fear based. That’s a shame, because Jesus seemed to like outsiders even better than insiders. He had no problem hanging around people who didn’t want to hang out at church. Jesus had no problem loving people who didn’t yet love him.

Sometimes it’s calendar based. The church runs so many programs that Christians are at church 5-7 nights a week. You don’t have time to build relationships with anyone outside, let alone be a family. That’s why at our church, we only do community group one night a week. For the rest, we want our people to be home with their families as well as involved in local sports leagues, involved in their local schools and active in the community building friendships with people Jesus loves but who never attend church.

Sometimes it’s just a practical issue. If you’re on church staff, unchurched people rarely ask you for time. Churched people call you all day long and ask for your time and attention. And so you find yourself so absorbed with the work of the church that you miss the mission of the church.

If almost no one at your church knows any unchurched people, it’s no mystery why your church isn’t growing.

So why not go build some real friendships? And before you say we should be ‘in the world but not of it’, please read the Gospels again.”


#3. A Dad Who Sings by Trevin Wax

And the one thing that stands out to me is this: Dad sang.

We certainly weren’t a charismatic family. We weren’t the type to raise our hands in church. We didn’t dance in the aisles.

But I never remember a time I sat with my parents in church that they did not sing. Not once.

Outside the church, Dad sang too. In the van, he may not have lifted his hands off the steering wheel, but he lifted the roof with his praises. He wasn’t a soloist or a choir member, but he was a worshiper.

#4. Mission Trumps Need . . . Every Time by Danny Franks

Many times churches appeal to need: “We need you to come at a time you hate so that we don’t have to turn people away!” “We need you to serve in the nursery or we’ll have to toss babies on the sidewalk!” “We need you to volunteer or this place will go down like the Titanic!”

And while need always has it’s place, it’s not sustainable. People get tired of responding to need after a while, and so…they don’t.

Instead, we prefer to appeal to mission. We asked people to temporarily move to Saturday because it was a missional opportunity to make room for guests. It was a way they could practically, easily serve. Was it a need? Sure it was. But more than that, it was a part of the mission. We say all the time that people are the missionand for that reason, making room for new people was a critical step in the mission.”

#5. They’re Your Words, Choose Them by Seth Godin

In fact, you might find that when you speak clearly and with respect, you not only communicate more effectively, but people are less likely to blame you when something goes wrong.”



One thought on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    Quite thought provoking:

    “Ironically, Millennials will not stick with churches that have no convictions. Liberal churches with compromising views on biblical sexuality will not attract and retain Millennials. Though Millennials are indeed increasingly liberal in their views and actions on sexuality, they view churches as places that should be convictional and even counter-cultural.”

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