Throw It Out There Thursday!

Guess what the 2nd highest attendance day FBC had in 2013 behind Easter?images

Mother’s Day.

Yep. The second Sunday in May saw FBC filled to the gills with more peeps than usual.

Guess what else?

When children sing in our services, we ALWAYS see more people than usual.

Yep. I know. I thought it was the preaching too. But it ain’t. People love their kids.

And, you’ve probably guessed the next thing. . .

Last year on Mother’s Day, the children didn’t sing in the AM service.

This year? Yep. They are.

So, I am going to “Throw It Out There” – expect a LOT of people this Sunday. A. Bunch.

But let me also “Throw THIS Out There” – if you are a follower of Jesus who has been a member of FBC for a while, would you mind making sure some unchurched (and possibly lost) people find a good seat before you sit in your same pew? Especially if you aren’t able to sit with your mom (like me) and don’t have a child/grandchild singing in the service – would you mind sacrificing THIS Sunday so others might be able to see and hear and, perhaps, be encountered with the Gospel of Christ?

Will there be a seat for everyone? I am pretty sure there will be.

Will it be kind of tight? Probably.


Will you feel like a sardine? You might.

Will you get your normal spot? More than likely not – if you come with a desire to serve those without Jesus first.

Will it be worth it if lost/unchurched families feel welcome, loved, and have an encounter with the Gospel? You betcha it will.

So, let me “Throw This Out There” – let’s come expecting the Father to work on Mother’s Day and let’s do all WE can to set the table so He can do His thing in the lives of those He created for a relationship with Himself.




One thought on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. elizabethp1968 says:

    I’ll also “throw it out there” to please move all the way in on a pew. From the choir loft Sunday I say a visiting couple with 2 young children searching with the usher for a seat. There were a lot of seats to be had in the middle of many pews but people were hugging the outside. Who really wants to climb over 4 people to get to a seat?

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