Throw It Out There Thursday!

“FBC exists to dare nobly, in the Spirit’s power, to make known Christ’s commanding claims here and everywhere.”


This purpose statement for FBC is a direct gift from the Lord via a prayer someone prayed for our church nearly 70 years ago. On our 100th birthday, someone prayed the following: “Bring to us a revived nobility of daring that shall see us making known the commanding claims of Christ here and everywhere.” When I read that several months ago now, my heart jumped. I knew the Lord was saying to my spirit – “That’s IT! Get FBC on THAT agenda! It’s MY will for that great church that I love so much.”

So, I’ve tried to “Throw it Out There.”

In fact, the first 3 months of 2014 was spent “Throwing it Out There.” Go here to listen to or watch the messages.

I believe God wants FBC to give itself totally and completely to dare nobly, in the Spirit’s power, to make known Christ’s commanding claims here and everywhere.


Simply because knowing (or not knowing) what Christ claims and commands directly affects every human being’s life and joy now and forever. You, me, and everyone on the face of the planet are affected – deeply – by what we are doing (or not doing) with Christ’s commanding claims. Those who believe and follow – everlasting joy. Those who don’t believe or don’t know – everlasting pain.

Something else I have “Thrown Out There” are the 5 words that describe a person who lives out this vision.

SPIRITUAL = “in the Spirit’s power” – “bring to us a ‘revived‘ nobility of daring” –> grow in the Word and in Prayer.

DISTINGUISHABLE = “dare nobly” – “bring to us a revived ‘nobility of daring'” –> spiritual gift; specific ministry area/calling.

VULNERABLE = “us” – “bring to ‘us‘ . . . see ‘us‘ making known” –> for US to do this, we are going to have to be authentic.

INTENTIONAL = “here” –> personal evangelism.

SACRIFICIAL = “everywhere” –> national and international missions.

Now. . . let me “Throw This Out There” . . .

Consider the 5 words. Think on them for a few seconds. What if every member of FBC were growing in each of these areas? What if every one was growing in the Word and in Prayer? What if everyone knew what their gift was and they dared to minister in specific ways/areas in our city? What if each of us has a group of other believers we could be “real” and “authentic” with? What if every FBC member were being trained, training, and/or doing personal evangelism where they lived and worked? What if every one of us were giving, supporting, and/or going overseas to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth?

Can you imagine?

I told you – that prayer someone prayed 70 years ago for FBC is a GIFT STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN FOR US!!!

I believe God has clearly given us a vision to pursue and a simple – yet potent – process of discipleship that we should strive for.

Let me “Throw This Out There” –

Would you be willing to pray for me, your pastors, yourself, our church, etc. for clear direction and zeal to move toward this direction? I long for us to have a “process” (for lack of better words) in place where all of us are moving and growing and developing in these areas. I long for new members to know that THIS will be expected of them when they join. I long for our city and the nations to be reached because our members are doing what they are called by Christ to do.

If each of us are growing to be more SPIRITUAL and DISTINGUISHABLE and VULNERABLE and INTENTIONAL and SACRIFICIAL, and everyone understood this . . .

You know what would happen?

FBC would constantly be daring nobly, in the Spirit’s power, to make known the commanding claims of Christ here and everywhere. 

Let me “Throw This Out There” now: Who’s in?


One thought on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. ekloap says:

    Bring it!! I am ready for a process too!

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