Did Jesus Ever Flatter Anyone?

“Whoever rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with his tongue.”

Proverbs 28:23

Think about it: why do we flatter people?

Because we want their favor. images

Instead of telling them the truth, we lie about what we really think.

Why do we lie?

Because we want their favor.

If we didn’t care about gaining their favor, we wouldn’t lie (flatter). We would just say it like it is (with love, of course).

Wisdom, however, tells us that it is actually the opposite that is true.

Rebuking someone (confronting someone with the truth) will gain you more favor than flattery.

True love isn’t flattery. True love is truth-telling. Flattery gets you through the moment in peace. Flattery gets you favor for another minute or two. But flattery isn’t love. If you think about it, it is hatred for them and love for yourself disguised as love for them. Often we confuse flattery with love for the sake of “respecting everybody.”

Lovingly confronting someone with the truth (rebuke) is genuine love.

It’s hard.

It may cause you to lose favor for the moment.

But the Proverb says it will “afterward” bring you favor.

It will do us (or them!) no good at all to flatter someone. It will not bring long term favor and will only delay the inevitable. You will only continue flattering (lying) and they will continue to be blind to the truth.

Can you find one place in the Gospels where Jesus flattered? Nope.

Why? Because He genuinely loves.

And talk about favor? One day, every knee will bow.

STOP: Who in your life needs to be loved with the truth today?


One thought on “Did Jesus Ever Flatter Anyone?

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    I understand telling the truth. It is with love that is so challenging. Most people do not respond well to being called to task for their actions. In fact, my experience has been that most folks will go out of their way to yell, insult, taunt, or intimidate their compassionate accuser in lieu of admitting that they were wrong.
    It is very hard not to respond to such anger and vulgarity with equal energy and forcefulness. Sadly, you cannot drown out the madness by shouting louder. I know. I’ve tried.
    Your message is clear. I can only hope and pray to do better when the opportunity occurs.

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