Low Hanging Fruit



This picture is a snapshot of a group of 1st and 2nd graders who are currently at Beech Springs camp.

Only a fraction of them have trusted Jesus for their salvation.

Here’s what I want to “Throw Out There” today . . .

I want to “Throw Out There” the reality that there are at least a dozen children who are being confronted with the miraculous and beautiful and powerful truths of the Gospel as you read these words.

Children – what I like to call “Low Hanging Fruit” – are at a prime place and time and opportunity to be harvested for the kingdom of Christ. images-1

Would you pray for the Spirit of God to move in their hearts?

Would you pray for the Spirit to anoint the mouths of those who teach and explain the Bible and Gospel?

Would you pray that there be no “decisions” that fade, but decisions from faith because God met with them?

Likewise, would you pray for their parents?

Pray for God to give their parents wisdom on how to talk with their children about what they learned at camp.

Pray for God to give their parents wisdom on how to disciple their children as new believers.

Right NOW there are children you know who are away from TV, media, noise, and normalcy – being lovingly confronted with the Gospel.

So I’m just gonna “Throw It Out There” – would you stop what you are doing right NOW and pray for God to work in their little hearts and minds? So often, we do not have because we do not ask. Please. . . ask.

I believe – right now – the pickins’ good.


2 thoughts on “Low Hanging Fruit

  1. ekloap says:

    I just bowed my head, right here at my desk at work and prayed for these sweet children.
    I give the Father praise for my opportunity to do that, and for a church that provides such an awesome experience for children! God is so good! All the time!! Praise His holy name!

  2. Mary Jones says:

    I also have prayed at work for these precious young ones! God loves His children! Praying that their eyes are open this week to the most amazing gift they will ever receive! To God be the glory!!

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