It Happened Again. . . It Happens ALL The Time

It happened again. images

I was at one of El Dorado’s local establishments recently. I was able to begin a Gospel conversation with an employee. To be honest, it didn’t get as far as I would like. But an interesting statement was made . . . again.

I hear this sort of thing all the time when opportunities to share open up.

All. The. Time.

Not just part of the time.

All of the time.

It happens when they find out I am a pastor and they ask where I pastor.

Want to know the next question they ask – almost every time?

Here goes: “Oh yeah I know of that church. Doesn’t (name of person) go there? I know him/her. They work here/are my neighbor/are one of my friends.”

It happened again the last time I shared.

The person I was sharing with was open to talking. They were open to discussing spiritual things. They didn’t mind my questions and were fairly open about things.

But it was dry. It was stale. It was, well, not real personal.

Know why? Because we didn’t have a relationship.

When the person asked me if “such and such” went to the church I pastored, they lit up. They always do.

Why? Because they have a relationship with that person.

What’s the point in me telling you this?

Simply this: It is a great thing to always share the Gospel – with those you know and those you don’t. But it is a BETTER thing to share the Gospel with those you already have a relationship with. Even more, it is even a MUCH BETTER thing if you intentionally build a relationship with a coworker, a friend, a neighbor, etc. in order to eventually share the Gospel with them.

Can you imagine? No, seriously – can you imagine – if every member of FBC El Dorado would pray for, look for, target, and intentionally build/continue a relationship with someone they knew in order to lead them to Christ?

I have a pretty good feeling if the person (I was talking with) was invited by the person they knew (who attends FBC), they would come in a heartbeat.

How are you being intentional at work? In your neighborhood? At the gym? There are people God has put all around you, not just for them to live or make money or get exercise. No. God has put them around you in order for them to know how to know HIM.

They know who you are and where you go to church. Talk to them about Jesus. It’s why we exist.



3 thoughts on “It Happened Again. . . It Happens ALL The Time

  1. I believe what you’ve said here with all my heart. We have neighbors who are FINALLY attending church with us now because of a slowly-built relationship. And a person at the gym where I go is now my “intentional” person. I truly believe that God wants me in this oerson’s life.

  2. Brad Weinischke says:

    I have had folks at work and folks at the gym who have approached me because they attend FBC. I knew these folks in a casual manner, but now that my family has become a member we are beginning to grow a relationship. I am thankful for the new relationships,but I am puzzled by what seems to have sparked the relationship. The observation may be tangential to your message, but it speaks to me of the parameters we place on relationships.
    For me, I have to stop using the guidelines I have always used. Stop thinking that people don’t want to talk to you. Reach out to folks in a honest and sincere manner and you may be pleasantly surprised. I am going to try!

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