Loners are Losers

1 Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire;
    he breaks out against all sound judgment.
A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,
    but only in expressing his opinion.

Proverbs 18:1-2


Loners are Losers.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t call people names. But it’s true. The Bible says so.

Oh, the Word may not actually call someone a “Loser,” but it is pretty clear that certain people who do certain things will lose. What do YOU call someone who loses a lot?

Loners are Losers.

A loner is someone who isolates him/herself and never seeks counsel from others.

Result? ZERO sound judgment for their lives. Translation: They will LOSE at life.

A loner could care less about what other people think. He just wants to communicate what HE understands. He just wants to express HIS opinion.

Result? Foolish. Translation: Loser.

Loners are Losers.

When I first hear the word “Loner” I think of an introvert, or a hermit, or a recluse who never leaves their home. That is one way to define it. But that’s not what is meant here.

Here – a loner is someone who, may be around a lot of people, but might as well be at home in their parent’s basement playing video games all day. How is that? Because it doesn’t matter if anyone is around or not. They don’t care. They simply want to form and express their own opinion and judgment with ZERO help from anyone else.

The Bible calls them Fools. They lose at life.

Loners are Losers.

What about you? Are you a loner? Who are you listening to?

  • Don’t be a “Loner Parent” – get feedback, counsel, help, direction, wisdom.
  • Don’t be a “Loner Christian” – get teaching, wisdom, accountability, opinions.
  • Don’t a “Loner Spouse” – get help for your marriage.
  • Don’t be a “Loner Leader” – lead by surrounding yourself with people smarter than you.
  • Don’t be a “Loner ________” – what are you trying to do by yourself in life? What are you refusing to get counsel on?

Remember, “Loners are Losers.” Don’t be a LOSER!


2 thoughts on “Loners are Losers

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    I have a hard time with the term Loser. Lost and Loser from a Christianity perspective are very similar in my mind. I am guilty of the Loser approach in different parts of my life at any given time in my life. I have rationalized my decision process for multiple reasons. Mostly, for a fear of being judged for the way I felt. Not a good thing!
    For me, the message is that we should be seeking council in all aspects of our lives. We read the Bible. We pray for guidance. We follow blogs like this. Trusting those around us for guidance can be challenging, but a necessary step in the process. For trust to exist you must have a relationship. Perhaps that is as important as any other lesson to be learned from this process?

  2. Bartholomew Roberts says:

    Let’s keep in mind, that the same Bible with Proverbs 18:1 also says to not judge lest we be judged.

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