Don’t Waste the World Cup

Unknown-1Tuesday night before supper, the Pearson 5 watched a few minutes of the World Cup. Russia vs. S. Korea. I’ll be the first to confess that soccer is not my favorite sport. But I have to admit: the whole world loves it and is crazy about it. Due to all the hype, I have probably watched more soccer on television in the last three days than I have my entire life. And that is still probably less than an hour’s worth.

But something hit me Tuesday night.images

They kept showing that remarkable statue of Jesus overlooking Rio De Janeiro there in Brazil.

I don’t know the full story behind it or what religion put it there (assuming Catholic), but it is a beautiful and quite amazing feature to say the least.

The TV network (ESPN) kept showing the statue.

And they kept showing the nationalities on the field (Russia and South Koreans look really different from each other!).

I thought about the picture (unintentionally) being communicated.

All the nations of the earth are either there in Rio or watching on television while a statue of Jesus overlooks these “peoples.”

My mind immediately went Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 and to what it will be like when Jesus returns. . .

It won’t be a statue of Jesus. . . It will be the real thing. And all the nations of the earth will not be going crazy over soccer. They will be going crazy over Him.

Here’s what I want to “Throw Out There” today:

After supper Tuesday night, I talked about this with Katie and the kids. We talked of all the nations worshipping Jesus and our responsibility and privilege to get to tell others about Him. I read from Revelation 5 of how it is a promise that all the nations of the earth will be represented in worshipping Jesus in heaven in the end. I talked of how it couldn’t fail. We talked about how God may one day call our family or may one day call one (or all) of the kids to go serve Him overseas so that others will know Jesus before He returns.


Then, I asked Luke to pray for Russia to know Jesus and Seth to pray for South Korea to know Jesus.

Parents: They prayed two of the most simple – yet beautiful – prayers I have ever heard.

Wednesday at lunch we watched about 5 minutes of the Netherlands vs. Australia. At lunch we prayed for these countries to know Jesus. Last night after supper we prayed for the other teams that had played during the day: Spain, Chile, Croatia, and Cameroon. If you’re counting, that’s 8 different countries our entire family prayed for in less than 24 hours. It is simple. It is easy. It teaches geography. It didn’t take long.


Let me “Throw This Out There”: Don’t Waste the World Cup! Be intentional with it! Let it remind you of Jesus’ return. Let it remind you of all the nations of the world. Let it burden you to pray for them, specifically, that God would come and work in the countries represented. Let it be used of God to perhaps call you to go one of the countries with the Gospel Good News. Talk about these things with your kids. Do everything you can to put the image of the real Jesus returning and all the nations of the world worshipping Him in the minds and hearts of your family.

What are some other ways you can think of to not waste the World Cup?


3 thoughts on “Don’t Waste the World Cup

  1. ekloap says:

    WOW! Just like you said Sunday. Nothing wrong with soccer. Just not the BEST thing. And you tied them together perfectly! That’s how you are being a good father and teaching your kids about God, even through soccer, or baseball, or swimming, or ballet!
    Pearsons ROCK!

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