Sunday Sermon Links


This morning, I referenced three different places where you could go get FREE information.

First, if you want to read the entire Resolution on Transgender Identity from the SBC 2014 – click here.

Second, if you want to download a FREE copy of the book Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood click here.

And third, to listen to David Platt’s Secret Church content on Gender Roles for FREE – click hereimages-1

In case you missed the message entitled “It is VERY Good,” click here. It should be available Monday night or Tuesday morning (06/23, 06/24).

FYI: On Saturday nights, go ahead and download the outline here for your wireless device. Go ahead and be ready for note taking on Sunday morning!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Links

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    Last night my son and I were laying in bed channel surfing and we came across a delayed telecast of a local ministry sermon. I stopped to listen to the message and much to my surprise Genesis 1: 21 – 27 was the basis for the message. A message totally different from the one Matt shared with us on Sunday. I wanted my son to see how other people worship God, but now I was faced with the challenge of explaining to my son how two people could read the same scripture and apply those verses to two very different messages.

    Well, my son didn’t realize the use of the same scripture. Dodged that bullet! Kind of? Academics and atheists would argue that this ability to interpret scripture differently is further proof that God does not exist. This believer would say that the Bible was intended to serve God’s people as God intended it to, for that moment, when we seek God’ wisdom. How many times have you reread scripture and found a different meaning/truth as a result of your reading?

    For me there are a short list of truths:
    God made the heavens and the earth.
    God sent his only son to the earth.
    Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
    God patiently waits for us to seek him and to be his humble servant.

    Everything else in the world is a distraction, if it draws us away from these truths. I pray for God’s grace in tuning out the noise of this world, and I thank you brother Matt for bringing us back on course with God’s plan. No matter how far we may stray.

  2. ekloap says:

    WOW! I have a confession to make. I did not want to hear a sermon on the transgender issue. I had some other things that really need to be done, so I did them. Made a deliberate decision to avoid hearing it. I do not have transgender issues, but I do love homosexual people. Some dearly.

    Now that I have heard your sermon, I feel really bad that I let Satan tell me lies and that I listened.

    I was so glad to hear that the SBC said that Baptists love all people. And that we welcome them into our churches. Thanks for your obedience. I know it must have been difficult to preach that message with your wife and sweet kids right there on the front row.

    (I can just see those sweet faces saying “Mama, what are transformer bodies?” Funny and sad at the same time.)

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