A King Makes All the Difference

Today’s Reading: Judges 19, Acts 23, Jeremiah 33, Psalm 3-4

The connections in these passages are fascinating. images

The first verse of Judges 19 says it all – “there was no king in Israel.”

Read the rest of the chapter. You get a glimpse of what happens when we are “left alone” to do our own thing. Adultery. Homosexuality. Sexual abuse. Murder. It’s all there. When there is no King over your life – total and complete chaos.

The 29th verse of Acts 23 also says it all: Paul was in prison, facing death, for absolutely no reason at all other than following Jesus. Jesus was Paul’s King and it got him in major trouble – over and over again – with the authorities.

Not having a King (Judges 19) yields sinful, evil, and wicked anarchy.

Having Jesus as your King (Acts 23) yields trouble and hardship and persecution and pain.

Yet there is something about Paul’s King that compels me. There is something about Paul’s situation that  prompts me to want his predicament.

There seems to be a sense of emptiness and hollowness and shallowness of soul in Judges 19 (no King).

Whereas Paul seems to be happy and full of joy despite his horrific living conditions (Jesus as King).

As only the Bible can, Jeremiah 33 and Psalm 3-4 shed light on this. Jeremiah 33 is a prophecy of how God – through a Branch from David (Jesus!) – will restore the fortunes and blessings to His people. Psalm 3-4, likewise, speak of how God will abundantly bless His people who trust in Him.

When God is your King (through faith in Jesus), joy fills your soul.

In fact, read Psalm 4 carefully again. The guy is obviously in a bad circumstance (v.2), yet he can say there is more joy in his heart than when with God than when his circumstances are beyond perfect.

When Jesus is your King – even in awful living conditions – there is more joy than you can fathom.

When He’s not – even “great” circumstances are empty.

Which would your soul rather have? Empty and evil chaos without a King as described in Judges 19? Or fulfilled and satisfied joy of soul as described in the other passages?

Yeah, me too.

What do you need to do right NOW to repent, turn to Jesus, and yield to Him as King over your heart? Don’t hesitate. Joy awaits.




2 thoughts on “A King Makes All the Difference

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    Thanks for making the connections! I am so easily distracted. I pray Jesus will forgive me when I stray from him and grant me the humility to crawl back to him and ask for his forgiveness.

  2. Rodney Wimberly says:

    1 Samuel 8:18 (NKJV)

    “And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you in that day.””

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