Copying, But Not Pasting


Confession #1: I want to steal an idea.

I want to copy an idea another guy had first.

It is a GREAT idea. . . and I want to copy it.

Confession #2: If I were you, I would use his idea and read his thoughts before I would read mine.

I mean that. There’s no “false humility” there. It’s true. I would. He’s brilliant and incredibly insightful.

But I still want to steal his idea.

I want to copy it . . . but not paste it.

Let me explain.

D.A. Carson has written 2 devotional books entitled For the Love of God. You can find Volume I here and Volume II here. In the books (which I highly recommend, by the way), he takes a  year long Bible Reading Plan then comments about one of the passages for the day. You can read it on-line for free everyday here.


Why do I tell you this? Awesome question.

I want to do what D.A. Carson has done (copying his idea), except I want to offer my own devotional thought on one of the passages for the day’s reading (but not pasting his thoughts).

Carson uses Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Plan. You can read all about it here.

Two or three times a week (for starters, anyway), I hope to post devotional insights gleaned from reading through this same plan.


#1. Read Friday’s post and the purpose of the blog at the bottom of this page.

#2. It will discipline me to carefully think through what I am reading.

#3. For me, insight comes when I write.

#4. It will remind me that Scripture meditation is for my soul, but also to help other believers.

#5. Perhaps some of you will join me in reading through the Bible in this manner. So it’s August 4th???? Big deal. What’s the difference in starting today versus the day when 8 gazillion football games are on (January 1st)?

Confession #3: I desperately need more Bible in my soul. Feel free to join me in reading His Word for the purpose of knowing and loving Him more.


3 thoughts on “Copying, But Not Pasting

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    Love your new blog title “Non-Traditional Heartburn”!

  2. Brad Weinischke says:

    Thank you for the link! I have read the scriptures for today. Now, I need time to put them together. My initial take is that God protects us from evil. I don’t understand the message of the concubine from Judges 19? Still working through it.

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