A Love Story That Just Kind Of . . . Happens


Today’s Reading: Ruth 2, Acts 27, Jeremiah 37, Psalm 10-11.

The story in Ruth 2 has the makings of a great love story.

A single, widowed foreigner who was obsessively loyal to her mother-in-law.

A single, rich farmer who incessantly treated everyone with kindness.

A poor girl hoping to quietly glean leftover crops.

A generous farmer diligently looking to verbally and physically bless all within earshot.

A nobody from Moab hoping to go unnoticed.

A somebody in Bethlehem who quickly noticed the combination of hard work and beauty.

Ruth “happened” to come to the field belonging to Boaz (v. 3).

Boaz “happened” to be of the clan of Elimelech (Ruth’s father-in-law).

The law of the time just “happened” to say that certain kin could act as a “kinsman redeemer” (v. 20). These “redeemers” would ensure property would stay within the family and/or he could marry a childless widow – if the relative line so allowed.

Sure enough, in this case, it just so “happened” that Boaz met the requirements (Ruth 4:9-10).

And if that’s not a big enough “coincidence” (by using that word, I jest), it just so “happened” that Boaz and Ruth gave birth to a boy named Obed (4:17). Why is that a big deal? Read all of the verse (4:17). Obed grew up, got married, and gave birth to a boy named Jesse. Jesse, likewise, grew up and got married. Who was one of his sons? A shepherd boy from Bethlehem named David.

Who would later come from the line of David? The Ultimate Kinsman-Redeemer – Jesus (Matthew 1:1-18, in particular verses 5-6). Obed was King David’s granddaddy.

A hopeless, poor, identity-less, foreigner – who doesn’t even deserve a place among the leftovers – gets noticed by a wealthy, generous, and kind Kinsman-Redeemer. His actions radically changed everything for his selected bride.

That just “happens” to sound like my salvation experience. What about you?

How are you gonna live today that reflects you have been redeemed by the most abundant Redeemer that is?



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