A Prayer for My Kids on the First Day of School

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 11, Jeremiah 48, Romans 9, and Psalm 25.

(Using Psalm 25 as a guide)photo

Father – as this new school year begins, may You teach my children what it means to lift up their soul to You and trust You in all circumstances (vs. 1-2). As they learn numerous academic “ways,” I ask that You would – first and foremost – make them to know Your ways . . . You be the One teaching them Your paths. Lead them into what is true – real truth – and may they not waver from You or Your ways (vs. 4-5).

May they process even more so the depth of Your mercy, the height of Your steadfast love, Your way of grace, and how You work all of it for Your glory alone (vs. 6-7).

Teach my children what humility is, what it looks like, and the way of those who are humble. Make them aware of their sin, their need of You, and how – were it not for You – they would have zero hope. In addition, may these truths cause them to be burdened and broken for their classmates (vs. 8-9).

Give them, please, a healthy fear of You and an eagerness to keep Your commands and testimonies. May they know and rest in the fact that walking in Your ways brings their souls well-being. And allow them to be enamored by the reality that they can actually be called Your friends (vs. 10-14).

Father, the evil one desires to have them. He wants them to fall into the trap of “fitting in.” He wants them to hear of sinful things and have their sinfully inclined heart to be drawn ever more to them. He wants them to be ridiculed for being Your followers. He is their enemy, he hates them, and he wants them to be ensnared under his “trance.” He is brilliant at what he does and so crafty in His ways. Turn to them, Lord, and be gracious to them! Keep their eyes ever toward You! Bring them out of their distresses. Watch over them in their affliction and trouble. Consider the one – the evil one – who seeks to devour them. Guard their soul, Lord! Watch over them, Lord! May You – YOU – be their refuge. Redeem them, Your children, out of all of their troubles (vs. 15-22).

This I pray because of and for Jesus.





3 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Kids on the First Day of School

  1. elizabethp1968 says:

    The trap of “fitting in” is running rampant in our schools. Having the most recent designer things is a huge pressure as our children get older and if a child doesn’t act like or talk like the others then they are considered not to “fit in”. It really saddens me! And church people are not immune to this problem of putting pressure on our children and our general population to “fit in.”

    • Brad Weinischke says:

      “Fit in.” I believe you are absolutely right. News, media, and our education system all preach conformity. Sadly, it is not conformity to the teachings of God.

  2. Brad Weinischke says:

    Jill and I dropped our daughter off at college yesterday and the boys started school today. Time just seems to fly by so quickly. I find myself asking if I have done everything I can do for my children. No, I tell myself. The only peace I can find in all this is the knowledge that we as parents have shared the word and promise of Jesus Christ with each of them and we have Christian friends in this town and in their schools that watch out for them.

    We hae been truly blessed.

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