Taste and See

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 18, Lamentations 3, Romans 16, Psalm 34.

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!” Psalm 34:8a

Could you commend this to someone?

Could you – really and truly – urge someone to experience the goodness of the LORD?

I mean, for that to happen, you (me, us, we) would have to had experienced Him in a good and “tasteful” way.

I can plead with others to “taste and see” how good my grandmother’s chocolate pie is because I have experienced its glory (don’t judge me for using “glory” to describe my grandmother’s chocolate pie. . . you would say the same thing). I can urge others to get a slice because I know what it will do to their taste buds. It will – physically and mentally – enrich their lives!images

But what about God?

I know about Him.

I know truths about Him.

I can recite some stuff that makes me sound like I know Him.

But when was the last time I really tasted His goodness? Do I really experience Him in a way where my life exhorts others to “taste and see” how good He really is? And, if I don’t, why not? What’s the point of the Gospel – and my faith and hope in it – if it doesn’t lead me to enjoy the greatness and goodness of God?

Could it be that the world doesn’t want our God because we don’t enjoy Him?

Could it be that we don’t enjoy Him because we really don’t know Him?

Could it be that we really just do the “God thing” because we are supposed to?

The Gospel is not a banner to wave to declare to everyone “I’m good. . .I believe in this, this, this and this.” No – at the end of the day – the Gospel is our means by which we can, by abundant grace and lavish mercy, enjoy the pleasure of being in the presence of God (1 Peter 3:18, Psalm 16:11). The Gospel is not for us to say, “I’m okay because I believe in these truths.” It is, rather, for us to be able to say, “I’m full of joy because I taste and see God due to what was accomplished by Jesus for me in the Gospel.”

King David could commend us to “taste and see” how good God is.

Can you?



One thought on “Taste and See

  1. Ralph Paisley says:

    O what a challenge! I have tasted the joy of the Lord, but I wonder if anyone can see it in me? How wonderful is God’s love for us that He lavished His grace on us through Christ. It is sort of like that near quarter piece of chocolate pie. Thanks for your words.

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