Hell is Trembling


Everyone knows by now that David Platt is the newly elected President of the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). You can read about his election here and here. By God’s amazing grace, I was able to serve on the search team that brought his name before the trustees this week in Richmond, Virginia. It was a consuming 6 months – but a time period in my life I will treasure and always look back on with joy.

I could not be more thrilled that Platt is the IMB President. I literally do not have words to express my joy and excitement. I am more excited about the IMB than ever before. I am more excited about the SBC than ever before. I am more excited about the Cooperative Program (CP) than ever before.

Others much smarter than I have written of their excitement and they express my emotions well.

I encourage to read what Hershael York wrote about this here.

I encourage you to read what Russell Moore wrote here.

I encourage you to read what J.D. Greear said about it here.

These articles literally capture my heart in words and express the same emotions and thoughts I have about this election.

However, I still have more reasons why I am overwhelmed with tear-filled excitement that David Platt is the new President of the IMB.

Next week I will share with you 5 additional reasons I am hopeful beyond words. I will share one on Monday, one Tuesday, another on Wednesday, one Thursday, and a final reason on Friday.

Let me give you a bit of a clue to these reasons with a story.

Tuesday night of this week, the trustees finished our time together on our knees before the Lord asking Him to move and have His way with the vote that would take place the following morning. Any trustee who felt led to pray could do so. It was a sweet and powerful time of prayer for the IMB, the SBC, missionaries on the field, and the nations. One prayer that stood out was the closing prayer by David Uth (chairman of the Presidential Search Team). He asked God to make the news of the election of the new IMB President to cause shockwaves of fear to run throughout hell. He wanted the result of the vote to cause hell to tremble. It was a powerful moment that brought a “holy reality” to the room.

The next morning, just before the trustees voted, David Uth stood up to inform us of some troubling news. Someone, during the night, hacked the IMB website and prematurely announced David Platt’s election as President. We had not even voted and people all over the world were reading this, including members of the church where Platt pastored – The Church at Brook Hills. For a brief moment, all of us in the room were sick at the news. However, David Uth stood up and reminded us, “Trustees, hell is already trembling with fear.” I was struck with chills all over my body.

I am more excited and hopeful than I have ever been about the election of David Platt. Next week, I will share with you five reasons why . . . they are reasons I believe hell is scared to death.


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