Hard Chapter, Great Truths


Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 12, Ezekiel 19, Psalm 64-65, 2 Corinthians 5.

2 Samuel 12 is an interesting, and – to be honest – somewhat depressing chapter. Yet – thankfully – it sheds light on some extremely significant lessons and truths for us.

#1. We Need Honest Truth Tellers In Our Lives

Nathan went to David to confront his sin(s). God sent him. David had areas of his life that were being left alone. David had issues that had to be dealt with. Apparently, David was blind to the reality of needing to deal with them.


Someone who will be real with us. Someone who will point out our blind spots. Someone who will call us on a sin we are committing/have committed. Someone who will love us enough to tell us the truth. Someone whom we believe God has put into our lives to make us better. Pray for God to send a Nathan to you – not to condemn you – but to lovingly rebuke you, pushing you to be more like Jesus.


#2. When Guilty – Don’t Blame, Admit Shame.

I love how David responds to Nathan’s rebuke. He doesn’t blame his hormones. He doesn’t blame the fact that he was lonely one night. He doesn’t use the excuse that no one understands what it’s like being king. He doesn’t blame Uriah for not “cooperating.” He doesn’t blame God for “making him this way.”


David responds with admission: “I have sinned against the Lord” (v. 13). That’s it. He expounds on it more here. David knew he had done wrong. He “manned” up to it. He didn’t try to shift blame. He, rather, admitted his shame. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Especially when everyone around us seems to be weaseling their way out of situations. We are sinners who sin and mess up. Period. 

Besides, had David NOT owned up to his shame, he wouldn’t have heard Nathan say these gloriously redemptive words: “The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die” (v. 13). What??? Are you kidding!?!?!?!?! Had David not owned up to his sin, he would have never enjoyed free grace and forgiveness from God. This is why it is so critical. Not only is it truth-telling (owning up to our sins); but it is also grace unleashing and Jesus exalting. When we admit we have blown it, we have to look to someone outside of us to make us right. That has happened in Jesus.


#3. Babies Go To Heaven When they Die.

As a pastor, I often am asked where babies go when they die. It’s a valid question. Some die in the womb. Some die due to force from an outside source. Some die in infancy. It’s something none of us want to think about, yet all of us have wondered. The Bible doesn’t say much about this, but here is what I know:

a. We live in a fallen world – due to sin entering the world, tragedies like babies dying happen.

b. All humans are made in the image of God. God creates every human and He does so with great precision, care, and love.

c. 2 Samuel 12 sheds a bit of light on what happens to babies who die.

When David learned of his child’s death, he made a very telling statement: “I shall go to him, but he will not return to me” (v. 23). In other words, though David knew he couldn’t get his child back on this earth, he believed he would go to be with his child one day. David believed his child was in heaven. If it’s good enough for David, and if we don’t see a rebuke of this thinking – it’s good enough for me.




2 thoughts on “Hard Chapter, Great Truths

  1. Sudie Garner says:

    Re #3. Yes, what comfort 2 Sam. 12 gives those of us who have had this occur. Yrs. ago, husband, Hubert, and I were so excited we finally would have a baby although we enjoyed his son, Jim, by former marriage. I miscarried at about 3 months, and such sorrow overwhelmed me (us) until learned per Bible verses that we would see this “child” person again in Heaven. Also, Praises to our LORD for using fervent prayers of so many family and friends to help us work through that grief to point we “gave” such tears to Jesus. His peace was so complete, we could truly rejoice with those whose babies arrived full term!!

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