God’s Eternal Commitment to You

Today’s Reading: Ephesians 1-2, Ezekiel 34.

“So that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.” Ephesians 2:7


Have you ever thought about what God is committed to do for you . . . for the rest of eternity?

Seriously. Ponder that.

What has God committed Himself to do for you, until the end (of which, there is no end)?

What will be so remarkable that it will take forever (quite literally) to comprehend fully?

Here it is: God is committed to showing you and me nothing but kindness for the rest of eternity. Let me put it another way: God will do nothing but unpack more and more and more grace until there is none left to unpack. . . which, by the way, we will never see because it will take forever to reveal it all.

Or, let me put it like this: The kindness God will show us is so massive and immeasurable, it will never stop flowing to us. We will never cease to be amazed – again and again and again – at His grace toward us.

This is what you and I – those who are in Christ – have coming to us: an eternity of gracious kindness being shown to us in new, fresh, and glorious ways every moment of every day.

It’s the opposite of hell – which is constantly getting what we deserve poured out on us, without stopping, forever. Punishment, fire, pain, unceasing anguish, worms, anger, torment – without end.

The opposite of this? Immeasurable riches of grace demonstrated in kindness toward us . . . forever.

Do you ever go to bed at night, looking forward to the next day?

Can you imagine living every second, overflowing with joy-filled excitement and anticipation as to what is coming next? You and I won’t have to imagine for much longer. This life is a vapor. But the life to come – the one where we get lavish kindness poured out on us constantly – will never end.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.



One thought on “God’s Eternal Commitment to You

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    What a glorious promise for the future. I have to admit, my heart feels very fragile and though I shouldn’t be saddened by the reality that I will die some day, I am. Is that selfish? Foolish? Perhaps. It is the human condition. It is my condition.

    How ironic it is that our creator would bless us with so many gifts as human beings: intellectual, spiritual, and gifts of the flesh. But to serve him we are to turn away from worldly pleasures? How much do you love Jesus Christ? Show him.

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