Bible Reading Plans for 2015

Starting today and going through the end of the year, I want to bring to your attention several ways to help you read through the Bible in 2015. If you click here, you can see a very large list of plans – provided by Justin Taylor. It is where I found these plans.

If you have read through the Bible before, I don’t have to tell you how invaluable it is. If you haven’t, I urge you to give it a try. It is hard. It takes discipline. But this is how anything of value usually functions.

The plans I want to highlight for you, I think will help in motivating you to read through the entire Bible in a year. Let me know which one you choose and how things are going throughout the year.


#1. The Bible Eater: A Plan for Feasting on Christ

“Here’s how the Bible Eater works:

  • Old Testament: Read 2 to 3 chapters per day and take 4 days off per month. Read 1 to 3 designated one-sitting Old Testament books each quarter.
  • New Testament: Read 1 chapter per day and take 4 days off per month. One gospel is assigned to each quarter and Romans and Hebrews are assigned twice across the year.

Follow this rhythm and you will get through the entire Bible in one year.”







One thought on “Bible Reading Plans for 2015

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    But you left out “The Road to Serfdom”, “Animal Farm”, and “Brave New World” which should be on any year’s top ten; books we love to ignore to the peril of our liberty.

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