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Where Did You Go?

church at west franklin

I assume all readers of this blog know where and what I have been up to over the past month.

The Lord has led me to be the new Campus and Teaching Pastor at The Church at West Franklin – A Regional Campus of Brentwood Baptist Church.

This past week I started writing articles again. You can find the articles here.

Would love to see you over at the site.

For those of you who faithfully read this blog and consistently gave me gracious encouragement, I could never thank you enough.


He Laughs

“Your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will name him Isaac.” Genesis 17:19


Our great God loves to laugh. He loves to make people laugh. Not so much in telling jokes or trying to be funny (though I have a pretty good feeling He was a blast to be around the first time He walked the earth as a man), but in doing things that caused amazement.

God loves to do things that are so outside of our realm of reality that all we can do is . . . well, laugh.

That’s exactly what Abraham and Sarah both did – at separate times – when they were told by the Lord that they would give birth to a son. . . through 90 year old Sarah’s womb. They were both well beyond the age of even thinking about children. They had a shelf¬†full of diapers at home, but it wasn’t for a baby. When God told them they would give birth to the “Promised Child,” they did what any of us would do: they laughed.

So what did God do to make them laugh over and over and over again every time they looked at the child? Name the child “he laughs.”

God is so good to His people. He gets glory by putting smiles on our faces as we enjoy and embrace His unbelievable and miraculous grace and love toward us.

For Abraham and Sarah it was a boy who would be the father of the nation of Israel.

For us it is a boy who came to another woman who wasn’t yet able to give birth to a child. I wonder if Mary chuckled when the angel told her she was pregnant with God?

You know you can laugh today, right? Yes. Even today. Regardless of what’s going on. You can laugh. The God who is in charge of everything, who rules the universe, loves you. He has already demonstrated it. Because of what His Son did – died in your place, obeyed fully where you couldn’t, and came out of the tomb alive¬†– you can rest assured (laugh with glee?!) that God is totally and fully for you.

That “good” thing you got going right now – smile. Heck, laugh about it! Give God thanks for His gracious and loving provision.

That “not so good” thing you got going right now – smile. Heck, laugh about that too. The One who rules is working to help you enjoy more of Him.

I believe God loves to laugh. And He really loves to make His children laugh as they shake their head in wonder at His ways.