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‘Parental Guidance’ . . . A MUST

Last night, Katie and I had the chance to go see a movie. We decided to watch ‘Parental Guidance.’ It was a GREAT movie. I have never recommended a movie on the blog before, but I want to here. I think anyone would benefit from going to watch this movie for the following reasons:

1. It’s Funny. 

Billy Crystal. Bette Midler. What else needs to be said? The name the little boy gives to the granddad (Billy Crystal) is hilarious.


2. It’s Clean. 

Zero bad words throughout (we did miss the first 5 minutes, so if there is one – sorry!).

Zero sexual innuendos – except maybe one or two small ones that were between husband and wife (which is a GOOD thing).


3. It Promotes Healthy Marriage.

Bette Midler’s speech to her daughter (Marissa Tomei) convincing her to fly to her husband was awesome.


4.It Magnifies Good Parenting.

Tough Honest Love + Great Fun Together = Good Parenting. This was the point of the movie (in my opinion!).


If you are looking for a good movie to take yourself, your date, and/or your family to over the next few days, I heartily recommend ‘Parental Guidance.’ Rare is the movie that can make you laugh, grow your soul, and keep you from feeling dirty when you walk out. I give it two thumbs up!

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