Now THAT’s a Good Question!

What’s the correct way to approach issues with church staffers?

This anonymous question was another great one posed in the survey many of you participated in at the end of 2013. I Unknownlike it because it tells me several things. First, it tells me that this person honestly wants to approach issues in a correct fashion. Second, it reminds me to communicate to one and all that – though I believe FBC has the best staff in the world – all of us are human and can always get better. Third, it is a good reminder for me and the staff to do everything possible to be approachable in a healthy and realistic way.

I’m not sure if the meaning behind issues is that they ‘have issues’ with a staff member(s) at FBC; or, if they simply would like to ‘discuss issues’ with a a staff member(s). Big difference. One is more confrontational. The other is more ‘friendly discussion’ oriented. Make sense?

Either way, my response is basically the same: Go to them. That’s right. Approach us. If you see a staffer at church, ask if you can talk. If you see a staffer out and about in town, ask if you can talk. If right then is a good time, we’ll talk to you then. If not, we will set up a time when it’s good to talk. Or, you can call the church office and ask to speak to one of us over the phone. If the staffer is busy, we have excellent secretaries who will deliver the message and have the staffer call you back. A third option is email. Email a request to meet. All of our email addresses include our first name, a ‘dot,’ our last name, and ‘’ For instance, mine is Shoot us an email and let’s set something up to meet and talk.

If you have an issue with a particular staff member – THE BEST way to handle it is to go to them directly and talk it out in a manner pleasing to the Lord. Go to them – ‘one on one’ and ‘face to face’ and talk it out. There really is no better way to ‘work out issues’ than this kind of discussion.

If you want to discuss church issues or theology or something else with a staffer – simply ask ’em. Personally, I LOVE to talk about this stuff with people – especially church people.

At the end of the day, the staff of FBC longs to help you know and follow Jesus. That’s our ultimate goal. We really want to help you do that. Let us know how we can. We are here to help you in your walk with Jesus!

A summary list of ways to approach an FBC staffer with an issue/issues:

1. See the staffer at church – ask to meet.

2. See the staffer in town – ask to meet.

3. Call the church office and ask to speak to the staffer – 870-863-7177.

4. Email the church staffer –

5. Facebook message the staffer.

6. Send a direct message to the staffer via Twitter.

7. Camp outside their house in a tent. (I highly recommend and request one of the top 6 options first.)

Bottom Line: GO TO THEM.


2 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

  1. Libby says:

    Now that’s a good answer! LOL

    It really is the best approach in most life situations! Go to the person and talk.

    We do have the best staff at FBC El Dorado! No doubt about that!!

  2. Connie says:

    Read my lips. “Do not avoid confrontation” (i.e. letting the problem simmer). Confrontation — such as “going to them” — can and should be very positive and productive. I agree with this approach 100%.

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