Now THOSE Are Some Good Questions!


Last Monday – at the last minute – I chose NOT to post what I had originally planned. I didn’t feel good about it. As was shared with me: “When in DOUBT, leave it OUT.” Good wisdom there.

Instead I posted something that happened to me . . . again. As a matter of fact, it happens ALL the time.

Read about it here. No, seriously. Read it – or this post won’t make much sense. . .

Since going public with the post last Monday, check this out:

#1. A young woman from FBC found me and told me that a friend at her workplace sought her out (after I had spoken with her about church and the Lord) and wants to start coming to church! Her quote to me was, “You planted a seed and I am watering it!” I. LOVE. IT. I had spoken with this lost/unchurched woman about the Lord and the church. When she found out I pastored FBC, she immediately made a connection with her coworker. She sought out the coworker. Now the coworker (the FBC member) is being intentional with her. BOOM.

I told you. It happens all the time.


#2. A portion of an email I received last Wednesday (details adjusted to protect privacy):

Monday, you wrote a blog about sharing the gospel. You’ve had a lot of those lately. It’s been working on me.
When I got home from work on Tuesday and saw my grass was over knee high, I decided to get on my tractor and mow. Shortly before dark, while still mowing, I see a young man walking down the highway with a backpack. I got concerned for his safety with the highway traffic. I ride down the highway and confront him. 
The guy’s name is __________. He’s 18 years old with a lot in his life, ie… he had been living with his grandmother and father and on parole until a couple of months ago. He moved to this area to live with his mom and her boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend, step-sister and her boyfriend, and to be nearer to his girlfriend who is 9 months pregnant with someone else’s child. His mother kicked him out, so he was walking to __________ where his grandmother, who by the way is a born again believer, would pick him up and take him to her home. Whew!! But there’s more!
He has a  child from a relationship he’s not allowed to see. He has spent 3 years in juvenile penitentiary.
I loaded him up, went through town, got him something to eat, and transported him to _______, to meet his grandmother. During the trip I took the time to share the Gospel with _________ and tell him that Jesus could help him with his problems.
I’m like you, I’ve been going to church since 9 months before I was born, and saved at an early age.
I’m ________  years old and that was the FIRST time I’ve shared the gospel with a unbelieving stranger.
Point being… First, the Gospel was shared.
God had a reason for you to change your blog.
Through your written words the Holy Spirit has been convicting me on being greedy with the Way.
God placed ______________ right in front of my house because he knew this young man needed him.
God placed me at home, outside, at the perfect time.
The Holy Spirit gave me the power to Dare nobly in communicating the commanding claims of Christ here and everywhere.” I may never see or hear from ___________ again, I gave him my number and told him to call me if he wanted to talk more, but I will continue to pray for him.
Why do I share all of this with you? Simply to reinforce – again and again and again – there are opportunities and people and relationships ALL AROUND YOU – if you will look for them and commit to being intentional.
Who are you being intentional with RIGHT NOW?
How are you going to commit to being intentional where you live, work, etc?
What has happened to you recently, verifying God’s work in and around your life?
Now THOSE are Good Questions! 🙂

One thought on “Now THOSE Are Some Good Questions!

  1. Brad Weinischke says:

    My wife has always had a heart for children and we both seem most gifted as servants of the Lord. Your message today drives two points home for me. Back to my wife.

    My wife decided to coach our sons baseball team. Woman coach for a boys team, in El Dorado?? Yes, there have been grumblings, but she never lost site of her goal. To teach baseball, appreciation for hard work, and having fun. Well, very quickly into the season we came to know a young man on our team. His parents were divorced. Mom had custody. Two or three siblings from different dads. Mom had a criminal history and didn’t have wheels to get the boy to and from practice. Without blinking an eye, the taxi service began. My wife has taken this young man under her wing and made him welcome in our home. All the while, the young man has never complained about a single thing. The hearts of children!

    Well, mom is in jail now. The biological father has agreed to take care of this young man and he left for Louisiana last Sunday after church and lunch. He called us Sunday evening. Wanted to talk to his coach. He said he hoped he would be back soon and wanted to go to church with us again. I hope it comes to pass.

    We pray for him and his family every night. We hope he knows we love him and he understands that God loves him too.

    We didn’t choose to be involved with the baseball league looking for lost souls. Though there were many to be seen out there. We didn’t taxi or feed this young man because we were looking to share God with him. God put that boy in our life to give us the opportunity to treat and teach him as God would have us do.

    Sorry. I ramble! Trying to bring this home now.

    I am reminded of the parable about removing the tree from one’s eye so that he can truly see. I believe God places opportunities to serve him in everyone’s life daily, but until you are truly seeking to serve him you are blinded by the distractions of this earth (the tree). I also believe that we miss opportunities because they don’t fit our preconceived notions of how we are to serve him (the other tree).

    I make these two mistakes daily. Sometimes, God let’s me correct the mistake. I hope everyone has more success than I do with these challenges. If a plan works best for you, then as brother Matt has suggested, go for it! Just think BIG because God has made BIG plans for us!!

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